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Saint Sophia Blog: October

Who’s Afraid of Halloween? »

October 31st, 2012    Posted in Daily Meditations

I have a confession to make.   And it’s a bad one …. When I was a kid … I used to get dressed up for Halloween! And it was not always something innocent either, like an astronaut or a cowboy.  Once I was even a ghost!  Worse yet, I would go door-to-door with my brothers and say “Trick or treat!”  Idolatrous! Occultic!  Satanic!  Over time, of course this demon-glorifying activity […]

The Desert and Temptation (Part III) »

October 30th, 2012    Posted in Daily Meditations

Temptations, the monks tell us, make us human. They bring us in to contact with the roots that bear the trunk. Facing temptations means encountering the truth. Thus one father says: “Take away temptations, and no one will be whole, for whoever flees useful temptation, flees eternal life. There are in fact temptations that have prepared crowns for the saints.” Many people might have problems with this, because when they […]


October 29th, 2012    Posted in Daily Meditations

WAS IT NOT NECESSARY THAT THE CHRIST SUFFER THESE THINGS AND ENTER HIS GLORY? —LUKE 24:26 Think of some of the painful events in your life. For how many of them are you grateful today, because thanks to them you changed and grew? Here is a simple truth of life that most people never discover. Happy events make life delightful but they do not lead to self-discovery and growth and […]


October 28th, 2012    Posted in Uncategorized

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The Myrrhgushing Miracle of St. Demetrios in 1987: A Testimony »

October 26th, 2012    Posted in Daily Meditations

It was October 26, 1987. The time was past 10:00 p.m. The city was celebrating the memory of the contest of its patron saint, St. Demetrios, and the freedom from the nearly five hundred years (1430-1912) occupation by the Ottomans. The Church of St. Demetrios with open doors received its nightly venerators, who were kneeling in front of the silver casket with the holy relics of the Myrrhgusher. At that […]