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Useful Counsels for All Monks »

February 11th, 2016    Posted in Daily Meditations

Useful Counsels for All Monks “You can and must become a leader in the monastery without realizing it, without speaking. You can accomplish this only through fervent prayer for everyone. Open your heart simply, unforced, and spontaneously to our Lord. “Don’t force yourself, nor pressure yourself nor doubt that this will happen. In all this you should speak first to the Lord. And before you speak to your Elder, first […]

Saint Haralambos: The Presbyter, Martyr and Miracle-Worker »

February 10th, 2016    Posted in Daily Meditations

In the early Church, the term “martyr” was originally used when characterizing the Apostles as witnesses of Christ’s life and resurrection [Acts 1:8, 22]. Due to the persecutions that the early Christians endured, however, the term was applied to those who gave their lives for the Christian Orthodox Faith. In Greek, the word martyr means “witness” and, the verb form, martyred, means to “bear witness” or “give evidence.” Though martyrdom […]

Deification and Sonship According to St Athanasius of Alexandria: Part I »

February 9th, 2016    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Father Matthew Baker Popular presentations of the Orthodox Christian faith often highlight the doctrine of theosis, or deification, as a distinctive accent of Orthodox theology and spiritual teaching. In the 20th century, owing to the enthusiastic rediscovery of St Gregory Palamas and especially the wide influence of the theology of Vladimir Lossky, this message of deification was most often cast in terms of a “participation in the divine energies.” The phrase […]


February 8th, 2016    Posted in Daily Meditations

The saint Abbot Isaiah, the Egyptian hermit, says of the Jesus Prayer (1) that it is a mirror for the mind and a lantern for the conscience. Someone has also likened it to a constantly sounding, quiet voice in a house: all thieves that sneak in take hasty flight when they hear that someone is awake there. The house is the heart, the thieves, the evil impulses. Prayer is the […]

Meditation and Worship (Part III) »

February 5th, 2016    Posted in Daily Meditations

On many occasions we can do a lot of thinking; there are plenty of situations in our daily life in which we have nothing to do except wait, and if we are disciplined – and this is part of our spiritual training – we will be able to concentrate quickly and fix our attention at once on the subject of our thoughts, of our meditation. We must learn to do […]

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