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Daily Meditations: August

Encyclical of His All-Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew on the Environment: The Ecclesiastical New Year (Indiction), September 1, 2014 »

August 30th, 2013    Posted in Daily Meditations

+ BARTHOLOMEW By God’s Mercy Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome And Ecumenical Patriarch To the Plenitude of the Church Grace and Peace from the Creator and Conserver of All Creation Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ Beloved brothers and children in the Lord, We have come to September 1st, the beginning of the ecclesiastical year, which the Ecumenical Patriarchate and subsequently the entire Orthodox Church designated as a day of […]

Beheading of the Holy and Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John »

August 29th, 2013    Posted in Daily Meditations

The divine Baptist, the Prophet born of a Prophet, the seal of all the Prophets and beginning of the Apostles, the mediator between the Old and New Covenants, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, the God-sent Messenger of the incarnate Messiah, the forerunner of Christ’s coming into the world (Esaias 40: 3; Mal. 3: 1); who by many miracles was both conceived and born; who was filled with […]

Hope-Bridled Grief: Discovering in Gregory of Nyssa a Christian Discipline of Grief (Part III) »

August 28th, 2013    Posted in Daily Meditations

How, then, do we reconcile Gregory’s theological objections to grief with the pastoral sensitivity that he displays in his funeral orations? Is Gregory the theologian at odds with Gregory the pastor? I do not think this is the case. Each of the funeral orations has a point of transition that marks the end of his sympathizing with his congregation’s grief and the beginning of his attempt to lead them out […]

Hope-Bridled Grief: Discovering in Gregory of Nyssa a Christian Discipline of Grief (Part II) »

August 27th, 2013    Posted in Daily Meditations

When Macrina breathes her last, Gregory is “numbed with grief,” as he recalls in The Life of Macrina. When he hears the mournful wailing of the virgins of the community, “my reason no longer remained steady, but as if submerged by a torrent in flood, was swept under by passion. Thereupon, disregarding the duty at hand, I yielded myself up wholly to the lamentations.” While convinced that reason ought to […]

Hope-Bridled Grief: Discovering in Gregory of Nyssa a Christian Discipline of Grief (Part I) »

August 26th, 2013    Posted in Daily Meditations

The death of a loved one is excruciatingly painful, and it would seem wrong to ask moral questions about the appropriateness of someone’s grief, as if it were possible to hold our emotions in check at such horribly difficult times. It would appear cruel to imply to those in mourning that there is something wrong with them for feeling the way they do. Christianity holds that reason is a distinct […]