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Daily Meditations: September

A Universal Liturgical Language »

September 30th, 2014    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Matushka Constantina Palmer “I will sing unto the Lord throughout my life, I will chant to my God for as long as I have my being. May my words be sweet unto Him, and I will rejoice in the Lord,” Prophet David prays. And the sweetness of Byzantine chant makes these words my own when they are brought to life by divinely inspired melodies. Byzantine chant inspires its listener. […]

The Jesus Hermeneutic »

September 29th, 2014    Posted in Daily Meditations

You deserve to know my science for interpreting sacred texts. It is called a “hermeneutic.” Without an honest and declared hermeneutic, we have no consistency or authority in our interpretation of the Bible. My methodology is very simple; I will try to interpret Scripture the way that Jesus did. Even more than telling us exactly what to see in the Scriptures, Jesus taught us how to see, what to emphasize, […]

The Lord’s Prayer (Part VI) »

September 26th, 2014    Posted in Daily Meditations

It is a very common thought in the writings of the early Christian ascetics that man must go through these three stages – slave, hireling and son. The slave is one who obeys for fear, the hireling is one who obeys for reward and the son is one who acts for love. We can see in Exodus how gradually the people of God had become more than slaves and hirelings […]

Analyzing Our Thoughts and Feelings (V) »

September 25th, 2014    Posted in Daily Meditations

Evagrius correlates the emotional realm of human beings to the three logismoi of sadness, of anger, and of acedia. “Sadness can sometimes arise when a person’s wishes go unfulfilled. Sometimes it also appears in the company of anger. If it arises as a consequence of needs and wishes that have not been met, it usually occurs in this way: such persons think first of all of their homes, of their […]

A Cure for Depression by Saint Silouan the Athonite »

September 24th, 2014    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Father Vasile Tudora The greatest plague of the 21st century is not AIDS, nor cancer, nor the H1N1 flu, but something that affects much more people in ways we can barely start to understand: depression. Reportedly one in ten Americans suffers from one or the other forms of this malady. The rates of anti-depressant usage in the United States are just as worrisome. A recent poll unveils that one […]