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Daily Meditations: August

The World as Sacrament: The Theological and Spiritual Vision of Creation: His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (Part I) »

August 31st, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

Introduction: Creation and the Virtue of Silence In the Philokalia, St. Anthony of Egypt describes nature as a book that reveals the beauty of God’s creation: “Creation [he says] declares in a loud voice its Maker and master.” Or, as St. Maximus the Confessor claims in the 7th century, the whole world is a “cosmic liturgy.” What, then, is the Orthodox theological and spiritual vision of the world? As a […]

The Purpose and Method of Christian Life (Part VIII). Virtues (Part IV): Balance »

August 30th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

According to the fathers of the Conferences, the result of developing discretion and discernment is the manifestation of the fourth virtue on our list, namely, balance. This balance is described by Abba Moses as the “royal road,” upon which a monk is not made proud by virtue nor drawn down so as to give in to vice.33 Christian life, Abba Moses assumes, invites one both to laxity and to possible […]

Saintless Christianity »

August 29th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Father Stephen Freeman What would Christianity mean if there were no saints? To rephrase the question: What would be the meaning of the Christian gospel if there were no wonderworkers, no people who had been transfigured with the Divine Light, no clairvoyant prophets, no healers, no people who had raised the dead, no ascetics living alone in the deserts for years on end, no beacons of radical, all-forgiving love? […]

You Are Not Important »

August 28th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

I think there are basically two paths of spiritual transformation: prayer and suffering. The path of prayer is taken by those rare people who consciously and slowly let go of their ego boundaries, their righteousness, their specialness, their sense of being important. In the journey of prayer, as you sink into the mystery of God’s perfect love, you realize that you’re nothing in the presence of God’s goodness and greatness, […]

Patience (Part III): Patience as a Characteristic of Prayerful Living »

August 25th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

Patience Is Practical Patience is practical in that it is necessary, within chronological time, to overcome obstacles to seeking God and barriers which prevent openness to God’s grace. It is a factor that contributes to transformation. Patience is also a manifestation of an open and God-filled life. It is a characteristic of a manner of life which embodies God’s presence. Patience was seen as an alternative to the mind’s and […]