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Daily Meditations

Members of One Another (Part III) »

November 6th, 2018

Members of One Another (Part III) ‘My soul longs for the whole world to be saved…. Divine love desires the salvation of all…. The Lord’s is such that He would have all men to be saved…. Our one thought must be that all should be saved…. The merciful Lord sometimes gives the soul peace in God but sometimes makes the heart ache for the whole universe, that all men might […]

Action and Contemplation »

November 5th, 2018

The words action and contemplation have become classic Christian terminology for the two dancing polarities of our lives. Thomas Aquinas and many others stated that the highest form of spiritual maturity is not action or contemplation, but the ability to integrate the two into one life stance—to be service-oriented contemplatives or contemplative activists.  By temperament we all tend to come at it from one side or the other. This full integration doesn’t happen without a […]

The Disenchanted World »

November 2nd, 2018

By Fr. Stephen Freeman, March 6, 2015 A very apt word for the world we live in is: disenchanted. It was first used by Max Weber and a number of others to describe a certain aspect of the modern world – the absence of the sacred. Where people of earlier eras and other cultures have experienced the world around them as charged with divine power (of various sorts), we simply experience […]

Two Miracles of the Holy Unmercenaries Kosmas and Damian »

November 1st, 2018

The things written below are dedicated to the glory and honor of the Holy Anargyroi [Unmercenaries] doctors Kosmas and Damian. 1. “Wondrous Is God in His Saints” For two years (1943-1945) I was sick with “vertigo”. When I would wake up I had to sit motionless for 3-5 minutes on the bed and then get up, get dressed and make my first steps with great care so as not to […]

Breaking the Limits »

October 31st, 2018

Breaking the limits “My child,” God replies, “I will never leave you be.  I want to teach you how to surpass yourself, to encounter something more, something greater. “It is good for you to be satisfied with any form of harmonious beauty.  Yet you need to discover the painful tearing away from yourself that will allow you to behold what is truly sublime. “This doesn’t mean you should disdain your […]