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Office of Music Arts

Today Saint Sophia Cathedral utilizes the Byzantine music system for all her liturgical services. Please join us on Sunday  mornings to hear the beauty and majesty that Byzantine Music can offer!

Byzantine music (Greek: Βυζαντινή Μουσική) is the music of the Byzantine Empire composed to Greek texts as ceremonial, festival, or church music. Greek and foreign historians agree that the ecclesiastical tones and in general the whole system of Byzantine music is closely related to the ancient Greek system. It remains the oldest genre of extant music, of which the manner of performance and (with increasing accuracy from the 5th century onwards) the names of the composers, and sometimes the particulars of each musical work’s circumstances, are known.

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Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Washington, D.C.


   A Musical Tribute to the Fall of Constantinople, the Queen of Cities

           On Saturday, May 11, 2019, the 1,689th anniversary of the dedication of the “City of Constantine” (May 11, 330), Saint Sophia, the “Holy Wisdom of God,” Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Washington, D.C., celebrating the 4th anniversary of its consecration, will take you on a musical journey lamenting the fall of the most extraordinary and longest-lasting empire in the history of the world, the eleven- centuries old Christian Empire of the Orthodox East, known to the West as Byzantium.  This musical tribute will include commemorative songs mourning the genocide of the Greeks of Pontos and Asia Minor.

          Under the direction of Master Chanter Georgios Theodoridis, the Saint Sophia Cathedral Byzantine Choir, in collaboration with professional chanters from across the east coast of America, and accompanied by the Pharos Ensemble of the Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, the concert will feature Byzantine hymns, secular Byzantine music, and post-Byzantine songs.
Please join us so that together we may hymn, sing, and mourn the “POLIS,” Constantinople, the Queen and Mother City of all Orthodox Christians.

General Admission:  $25
Students:  $15
Book a row (10 seats):  $20/seat