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Great Lent

The Eighth Day of Christmas. Feast of Saint Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia »

January 1st, 2019    Posted in Daily Meditations

Saint Basil the Great (329-379) The Archbishop of Caesarea, Saint Basil is revered—together with Saints John Chrysostom and Gregory Nazianzos—as one of the “Three Holy Hierarchs” of the Church. Together with that same Nazianzos and Saint Gregory of Nyssa, Saint Basil is revered as one the “Cappadocian Fathers,” whose homiletical and mystical writings helped establish what is now considered the heart of Orthodox theology and spirituality. As Saint Benedict is […]

Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen! Thursday of the Fourth Week of Pascha. Man is an Idolater of Himself. »

May 3rd, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

From our own experience and from our observation of others we are aware that human nature is damaged. Damaged, first of all, within each one of us; the ‘self is a shadow theatre of neurotic characters, and it is they who are pulling our strings instead of the other way about. Our faculties are disunited and out of order. While the rational intelligence is busy making distinctions, the ‘heart’, in […]

Friday of the Sixth Week of Great Lent: The Ruler’s Responsibility. The Most Efficient Ruler is the One Who Serves with Love. »

March 30th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

The Ruler’s Responsibility The Superior who has the task of looking after everyone must act as if he had to give an account of each individual. He must realize that he will answer personally for a brother who has fallen into sin, because he has not shown him the Law of God. He will also have to answer for the brother who remains still in his sin, because he has […]

Thursday of the Sixth Week of Great Lent: A Chatterer is like an Old Boot. The Powerful have a Thousand Masters. »

March 29th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

A Chatterer is like an Old Boot If two people are engaged in conversation they should speak in measured tones. Yelling and shouting is what idiots do. Talking in a whisper so that the person cannot hear is the mark of a fool. In conversation we must not let ourselves be seized with the desire always to interrupt in order to show off our fatuous superiority. Everything ought to lead […]

Wednesday of the Sixth Week of Great Lent: Learn to Laugh in a Relaxed Way. High Life. »

March 28th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

Learn to Laugh in a Relaxed Way Laughter is a sign of friendliness so long as it is not coarse. In general, a person can do whatever is natural, but it must be in due measure and at the right time. Therefore, you ought not to laugh always simply because you have the capacity, any more than a horse is always neighing because it is capable of neighing. We ought […]