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Saint Gregory Nazianzus »

January 25th, 2019    Posted in Daily Meditations

  Gregory, known as “the Theologian” in Byzantine Christianity, was a very wealthy man, the son of a bishop, and a close associate of the leading theologians of Cappadocia (Turkey) in the fourth century. He was the most educated Christian leader of his generation and wrote extensive treatises, letters, poems, and sermons. He was copied almost as many times after his lifetime as was the Bible, and so became the […]

The Demands of Prevenient Grace. The Friend of the Beloved. »

November 7th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

The Demands of Prevenient Grace O Lord of Love, I beg you, don’t go so fast! I can’t keep up with you. You’re moving too quickly for me. Wait for me, let me catch up to you! Still, Lord, you have not stopped, you have not even slowed down. Lord, I see you coming toward my house. Don’t trouble yourself to come to me; I’ll come as quickly as I […]

The Problem with Going to Heaven »

October 19th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Fr. Stephen Freeman, March 3, 2015 “That man might become God…”  On its surface this statement simply sounds blasphemous. Interpreted in a wrong manner, it would be worse than blasphemous. When read correctly, however, it is the very essence of salvation itself. “To go to heaven…” from my childhood this phrase has been used as the goal of a Christian life. But, interpreted in its most common manner, it is only […]

The Dormition of the Ever-Virgin Mother of God »

August 15th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

In the Communion of Saints, which is the true Church Universal and Catholic, the mystery of the New Humanity is disclosed as a new existential situation. And in this perspective and living context of the Mystical Body of Christ the person of the Blessed Virgin Mother appears in full light and full glory. The Church now contemplates her in the state of perfection. She is now seen as inseparably united […]

“There was an evening and a morning…” »

July 31st, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

“There was an evening and a morning…” No less than six times in the first chapter of the first sacred book of the Hebrews, God is represented creating the days of the week and setting evening as the time at which the day begins. The way people today count time is not Your way, O Lord.  Instinctively, they tend to start the day with morning.  The day begins with the […]